Combine our Prevail functional beverages with the 12in24Plan

The 12in24Plan is easy and simple to follow, but most importantly . . .  IT WORKS!     

Here’s how it works:

1.     WAKE UP, drink 1 SlimROAST coffee BEFORE breakfast.

2.     30 to 60 minutes BEFORE supper, mix and drink 1 pack of TRIM in a bottle of water.

3.     At the end of your day, 30 to 60 minutes BEFORE you go to bed, mix and drink 1 pack of                         IMMUNE BOOST in water.

4.     Follow this routine 6 days a week, take the 7th day off, REPEAT for 4 consecutive weeks.                        It is that simple. 

Watch the video for more information on how it works and those who have benefited from this great program using Prevail functional beverages.

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How SlimROAST coffee works

Coffee brands that target weight loss have one main ingredient in common with one another, it’s Garcinia Cambogia.  Garcinia Cambogiais a supplement known to suppress appetite.  What happens is, by drinking one cup of SlimROAST coffee in the morning BEFORE you have breakfast, you will usually feel content all day up until dinner.

Should you eat before or while you are drinking SlimROAST coffee, the full feeling you would normally feel if you drank the coffee beforehand will likely be diminished.

FOR BEST RESULTS, drink SlimROAST coffee BEFORE you eat.

Other active ingredients in SlimROAST coffee increases metabolism, mental focus, and aid in the reduction of the bodies absorption of sugars and carbohydrates.