The results are truly amazing.

Below are a few of the hundreds of testimonials received from across Canada on just a few of the conditions SHO-TAI® practitioners have helped individuals. We respect your privacy and our customers privacy, therefore we have decided not to include last names.

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(Mother) "In 2005 everything improved for my daughter. Her energy levels picked up; her appetite increased; all headaches went away. Our SHO-TAI® Practitioner is incredible!"

Issue: Headaches and no appetite - Charissa, 14 Years Old, Alberta, CANADA

"I don’t think I need to explain what a leaky bladder would mean to someone. I’m sure grateful to have met you. The herbal formula was easy to take and not only did my problem go away, I feel much better and energetic."

Issue: Bladder problem - Cathy, 48 Years Old, Saskatchewan, CANADA

"I had joint pain especially in my wrists for many years which is why I went to see a SHO-TAI® Practitioner. Within months my pain slowly disappeared and within the same year it was gone."

Issue: Joint pain – Marlene, 46 Years Old, Manitoba, CANADA

"I had sore feet, leg cramps, sore legs, and tingling and numbness in my hands and feet. In just 3 months your help relieved me of everything. Thank you so much!"
Issue: Poor circulation – Marlene, 67 Years Old, Saskatchewan, CANADA

"I had all sorts of problems happening but I did not know my prostate related to. Doctors told me my PSA was too high. I’m telling all my family and friends to see you guys thanks to the help you gave me."
Issue: Prostate – Gordon, 82 Years Old, Manitoba, CANADA

"At age 27, I completed a sleep study and I was diagnosed with Sleep apnea by doctors. I was a loud snorer and had stopped breathing many times during my sleep every night. Approximately four years later I had a SHO-TAI® body analysis done and followed the recommendation of taking herbal formulas, and cut out one type of dairy food in my diet. Six months later, I have noticed a HUGE difference in my sleeping. I am much more rested every morning and I do not need to use my CPAP mask and equipment to sleep at night."
Issue: Sleep apnea - Jeff, 32 Years Old, Ontario, CANADA

"I was tired all of the time and it was only getting worse each year. There was one time where I stayed in bed for 2 weeks. I had no idea my thyroid was low, and what a difference SHO-TAI® and the herbal formulas made for me. You guys gave me instant energy!"
Issue: Tired and fatigue – Charlene, 35 Years Old, Saskatchewan, CANADA

"I can’t believe how good (SHO-TAI®) this worked for me. And the product was easy to take. It was not harsh like the other products and after just 3 months I feel great. Amazingly all I needed was to add a little magnesium supplement to my food."

Issue: Constipation - Frida, 70 Years Old, Manitoba, CANADA

"My constant diarrhea is gone thanks to you. Just 2 capsules at breakfast and 2 at dinner, soon it was in control and then it stopped. All in 3 months. It’s unbelievable."
Issue: Diarrhea - Doreen, 65 Years Old, Saskatchewan, CANADA

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