SHO-TAI®  Training Course

Yes! you can learn SHO-TAI® and be very capable of analyzing your body’s health and helping others around you.

SHO-TAI® is easy and fun to learn - the toughest challenge is finding the time to getting started. We offer correspondence course manuals, DVDs, as well as in-class training. New classes are beginning across Canada and the United States. If you’re interested, please contact us today:

Health Trek

call 1-204-482-8705

or toll free 1-866-725-1544


Register now for the 2019 training classes.

Learn practically applied muscle testing and Muscle Therapy (MT) skills for the non-professionals who are empowering themselves to increase the health and well-being of their family, friends and themselves as well as authorized SHO-TAI®training for healing professionals who choose to learn about and/or integrate the Art of SHO-TAI® into their practices.


Selkirk Manitoba - Next Course:

October 17 to 19: 3 Day Foundation Training

 Stratford Ontario - Next Courses:

June 14, Aug 2, Sept 13, Nov 8,

Mentor Afternoons 1 pm to 3 pm

1 Day Course 9 am to 4 pm

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