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This product contains: Magnolia, Dulse and Kelp.

This product comes in 120 capsules per jar.


Source: Magnolia Bark Proper Name: Magnolia officinalis Amount per capsule: 134 mg

  • helps with digestion problems
  • good for lung disorders (including cough and asthma)
  • aids with intestinal disorders (infection and spasms)
  • used in treatment of abdominal swelling of various causes and edema
  • balancing the hormone cortisol to allow weight lose


Source: Leaf Proper Name: Palmaria palmata Amount per capsule: 133 mg

  • indicated for the entire endocrine system
  • promotes thyroid function to enhance metabolism
  • reduces stores of fluids and fats
  • purifies the blood from the acid effects of poor dieting
  • strengthens the immune system and deters arterial plaque
  • used to prevent fibroids, tumors, prostate inflammation, adrenal exhaustion, toxic kidney and liver states
  • transforms toxic metals including radiation into harmless salt which the body can eliminate
  • rich in trace minerals, iodine and fiber


Source: Iodine Proper Name: Iodine Amount per capsule: 126mg

  • used for glandular health
  • rich in Iodine which controls the thyroid
  • regulates and stimulates metabolism
  • binds with radioactive elements to prevent absorption by the body
  • good support for the heart and nervous system
  • aids in digestion and respiration
  • promotes healthy hair, skin and nails
  • contains all of the minerals, trace minerals and cell salts, also high in B Complex and Vitamin A, C and E