Down to Earth

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Down to Earth


by Herbal Instinct

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Down to Earth

Silica is a trace element found in the earth. It comes in the form of an off white powder, that can be mixed in fluids such as, water, pop, juice, applesauce and added to protein shakes. Since Silica does not dissolve, it is best that when taken with liquids, that you stir continuously throughout the duration of consumption. Silica promotes an increase in energy levels, so avoid using Silica prior to going to bed.

Down to Earth:

Source: Silica    Proper Name: Diatomaceous Earth

• The stimulation of metabolism, thus promoting higher energy levels

• Helps repair and maintain vital lung tissue and protects them from pollution.

• Maintains or restores the elasticity of lung tissue, thus reducing inflammation associated with bronchitis

• Has anti-inflammatory effects on the inner ear, breasts (in breast feeding women) lymph nodes in the throat, intestinal tract

• Stimulates the immune system

• Promotes healthy bowel function, it is a natural Colon cleanser and detoxifier

• Can help normalize the hemorhoidal tissues • Can alleviate the effects associated with menopause

• A natural diuretic; it helps prevent kidney stones and heal urinary tract infections

• Manages circulation and helps regulate High Blood Pressure

• Can decrease the symptoms associated with Vertigo, Tinnitus ( ringing /buzzing in the ears) headache and Insomnia

• Helps promote healthy pancreatic function in those with Diabetes

• In some cases, Silica can be beneficial in prevention or management of Alzheimer’s Disease

• Improves the elasticity in the joints and helps with Rheumatism

• Has inhibitory effects on Coronary diseases and strengthens blood vessels

• Tones the upper respiratory tract and acts as a natural cough reducer

• Promotes Healthy Cholesterol Levels (Lowers bad and raises good)