Red Clover Plus

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Red Clover Plus

by Herbal Instinct

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Adult: 1 capsule twice daily daily at breakfast and supper with a full glass of purified water. Use more often if recommended by a certified holistic professional.

Children: 16 & Under: Please consult a certified health professional.

This product contains red clover, cats claw, and slippery elm.

Non-Medicinal Ingredients: Gelatin capsule.

This product comes in capsule form with 120 capsules per bottle.

Red Clover

Source: Red Clover Blossoms    Proper Name: Trifolium pratense    Amount per capsule: 210 mg.

  • major blood cleanser and purifier
  • excellent for skin conditions, especially for children
  • expectorant and anti-spasmodic
  • anti-cancer properties
  • good tonic for the nerves with a mildly sedative effect
  • contains Vitamin A, iron, magnesium, calcium and copper

Cats Claw

Source: Cats Claw Leaf    Proper Name: Uncaria surinamensis    Amount per capsule: 70 mg.

  • removes mucus and infection from the entire body
  • strengthens the immune system and reduces inflammation
  • arterial cleanser and tumor dissolving properties
  • offers support while undergoing radiation and chemotherapy treatments
  • powerful anti-oxidant- destroys or neutralizes carcinogens before they cause damage to cellular structure
  • useful in normalizing allergic reaction, gastro-intestinal disorders, assists in removal of parasites

Slippery Elm

Source: Slippery Elm Bark     Proper Name: Ulmus rubra    Amount per capsule: 70 mg.

  • treats irritation to the mucus membranes of the stomach, intestines, female tract and enlarged prostate
  • neutralizes stomach acidity and absorbs gas
  • respiratory irritations and coughs
  • urinary inflammation
  • assists the adrenal glands
  • draws out impurities and heals all parts of the body
  • helps regulate intestinal flora
  • high in Vitamins E, F, K, P, iron, sodium and calcium

Note: Not to be considered a therapeutic product. For any health concerns consult your physician.