Appointment Information


How do I find a SHO-TAI® practitioner near me?

You can visit our practitioners page to view a list of practitioners in each town across Canada.

What to expect for your SHO-TAI® appointment.

As of today, over 250,000 North Americans have experienced a SHO-TAI® body analysis (also known as muscle testing). The SHO-TAI® practitioners will speak to you at all times while analyzing your body visually as well by touch. About the same amount of pressure is used when someone is sensing your pulse on your arm, or less. The SHO-TAI® practitioner will examine your forehead, eyes, nose, ears, mouth, teeth, tongue, back of head, neck, shoulders, arms, hands, back, above your chest, below your chest, waist, stomach, belt line, and if necessary your legs and feet. You are not required to remove any clothing except perhaps your coat. You will be provided with a summarized examination report to take home and keep for your reference. In this report the SHO-TAI® practitioner may make suggestions to alter your food choices, exercises, natural remedies, vitamins and herbal formulas.

What to bring with you to your SHO-TAI® appointment.

The SHO-TAI® practitioners ask that you bring all previously purchased vitamins, herbal products, or supplements with you that you are currently using. You may ask any questions you wish. It’s recommended that you ask all general questions about SHO TAI®, and view the Website as well as the DVD demo prior to your appointment so that you may receive optimal body analysis time. Your SHO-TAI® appointment will be approximately 15-20 minutes.