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This product comes in capsule form with 180 capsules per bottle.

This product contains: gymnema, malabar tamarind, golden seal, chickweed and psyllium


Source: Leaf       Proper Name: Gymnema sylvestre

  • sugar destroyer and blocks absorption of sugar by the body
  • suppresses taste of sugar and artificial sweeteners
  • increases liver and pancreatic function
  • aids in obesity, hypoglycemia, anemia and osteoporosis

Malabar Tamarind

Source: Fruit Peel                Proper Name: Garcinia gummi-gutta

  • anti-inflammatory and anti-irritant
  • lubricant which helps lungs, kidneys, bowel and digestive tract
  • assists in passing stones
  • increases and enriches milk in nursing mothers
  • helps to expectorate phlegm and relax brochials
  • contains Vitamin A, calcium and zinc

Golden Seal

Source: Root and Rhizome        Proper Name: Hydrastis canadensis

  • heals mucus membranes anywhere in the body
  • excellent infection fighter
  • enhances the glandular systems in the body
  • regulates liver function and promotes hormonal balance
  • contains Vitamin A, C, E, F, B Complex and calcium


Source: Whole Plant         Proper Name: Stellaria media

  • helps regulate the thyroid resulting in metabolic balancing
  • mild diuretic and helps dissolve plaque in the arteries and veins as well as other fatty substances in the body
  • a mucilage known to help stomach ulcers heal and reduce inflamed bowels
  • acts as an anti-biotic in the blood stream
  • affective anti-cancer agent
  • used also as a poultice for boils, burns, sore eyes etc.
  • good source of iron, copper and Vitamin C


Source: Seed(s)               Proper Name: Plantago afra

  • highest level of soluble fiber
  • effective for acute and chronic constipation
  • promotes growth of friendly bacteria
  • colon and intestinal cleanser
  • strengthens tissues and restores tone of intestinal system
  • lubricates and heals the gut as well as removes toxins as it cleanses