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This product contains the following herbs: *parsley, fenugreek, ginko Biloba and caprylic acid.

Parsley comes in 120 capsules.


Source: Leaf Proper Name: Petroselinum crispum Amount per capsule: 300mg

  • used for liver and spleen, for jaundice and venereal disease
  • urinary system tonic, diuretic and laxative effect
  • used as a cancer preventative, inhibiting cell multiplication
  • used as a uterine stimulant, removes uric acid throughout the body
  • eliminates bad breath
  • assists in problems with asthma, coughs and menstrual problems, kidney and gallstones
  • reduces problems with indigestion and difficult urination


Source: Seeds Proper Name: Trigonella foenum-graecum Amount per capsule: 50 mg

  • expels mucus and phlegm from the bronchial
  • antiseptic qualities, kills most infections in the lungs
  • dissolves cholesterol and fats
  • lubricates the intestines and is mild laxative
  • contains saponins that resemble the body’s hormones
  • may improve lactation
  • high in Vitamins A and D as well as minerals and protein

Ginkgo Biloba

Source: Leaf      Proper Name: Ginkgo biloba     Amount per capsule: 50 mg

  • a vasodilator which increases blood flow to the extremities and to the brain
  • prevents formation of blood clots
  • prevents muscular degeneration and improves ear problems
  • improves memory and mental clarity
  • inhibits free radical scavengers
  • effective in age related disorders such as Alzheimer’s and loss of memory
  • has been used to treat Raynaud’s disease, emphysema and chronic bronchitis
  • high in Chromium, calcium, niacin, selenium, zinc and contains Vitamins A and C

Citrus Bioflavonoids

Source: Fruit Peel Proper Name: Citrus bioflavonoids Amount per capsule: 50 mg

  • effective anti- fungal
  • commonly used in the treatment of candida albicans
  • helps normalize flora in the intestinal tract
  • naturally occurring fatty acid that dissolves the walls of yeast cells