Slippery Elm Plus

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Slippery Elm Plus

by Herbal Instinct

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Slippery Elm Plus

This product contains the following herbs: *slippery elm, uva ursi and milk thistle

comes in 120 capsule bottles.


Slippery Elm

Source: Slippery Elm Bark Proper Name: Ulmus rubra Amount per capsule: 295 mg

  • treats irritation of the mucus membranes of the stomach, female tract, intestines and enlarged prostate
  • neutralizes stomach acidity and absorbs gas
  • reduces respiratory irritations and coughs
  • assists in reducing urinary tract inflammation
  • assists the adrenal glands
  • draws out impurities from all parts of the body and has a healing effect on the body
  • helps to regulate intestinal flora
  • high in Vitamins E, F, K, P, iron, sodium, calcium


Uva Ursi

Source: Uva Ursi Leaf Proper Name: Arctostaphylos uva-ursi Amount per capsule: 63 mg

  • used for bladder and kidney infections
  • an effective diuretic
  • best known as a diabetes remedy for reducing excessive sugar 4
  • will dissolve kidney for menstrual bloating
  • high in Vitamin A as well as iron, manganese, selenium, silicon and calcium


Milk Thistle

Source: Milk Thistle Leaf Proper Name: Silybum marianum Amount per capsule:42 mg

  • improves liver function and may assist the liver to regenerate
  • has antioxidant qualities, protects against free radical damage
  • helps reduce plaque buildup and hardening of the arteries
  • rich in bioflavinoids to increase membrane strength
  • high in Vitamin A, selenium and trace minerals